The REMC SAVE website does not allow for direct ordering of products. Order in accordance with your district’s purchasing policies and procedures. 

How do I place my order directly with the vendor?

Use the contact information and read the notes to order directly from the vendor.  To find all awarded vendors, scroll down the home screen and click 'view all vendors,’ or click on https://www.remcsave.org/vendors, then the vendor name to find their contact information.

How do I purchase using the Shopping List?

To order using the shopping list, locate products you wish to order and add them to a shopping list. This feature allows you to organize all your items separated by vendor along with their contact information for ordering direct. Go to the Shopping list and select Summary and then you can print your order to send to the vendor or Share (email) the whole list of items. 


Can I place an order on the Vendors website?

Some vendors have a link to a dedicated REMC ‘vendor website’ for completing your order. When setting up your online accounts through any awarded vendor, make sure you include any applicable contract number to tie you to the discounted contracted pricing. Contact a representative for assistance.

Buying Guides
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 HELP is Here: https://help.remcbids.org/sites/default/files/2020-09/REMC%20SAVE%20HELP.pdf 

Click to download the 2021 list of Awarded Vendor Purchasing Options

In ONE Place, you can see which vendors offer catalog discounts, an online website, any shipping fees, and notes for ordering. Details by viewing Vendors' profiles at REMC SAVE 

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